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Bin Roye 2015 HD

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Receptacle Roye (English: Without Crying) is a 2015 Pakistani nostalgic sensation film composed by Momina Duraid, Shahzad Kashmiri. The film starts by showing Saba Shafiq (Mahira Khan) and Irtaza’s (Humayun Saeed) relationship, who are cousins. Saba is wretchedly enchanted with Irtaza, on the other hand he treats her like his nearest friend, not a fondness interest. Irtaza then leaves for the US for quite a while, where he meets Saman Shafiq (Armeena Khan), who is his cousin and goes
gaga for her. Saman is Saba’s senior sister, and she was given to her uncle and close relative as a tyke. Saman’s non-perpetual folks kick the pail in a plane mishap which was scrambled toward Germany, and Irtaza takes her back to Pakistan. In the wake of learning she has a senior sister, Saba is at first excited, on the other hand her happiness quickly swings to detest when she makes sense of that Irtaza and Saman are captivated and are to be hitched. Later, Irtaza and Saman come to Karachi with their tyke Maaz. On Maaz’s birthday, Saman courses of action to get a birthday cake and a couple blooms for her mother. Regardless, catastrophe happens as Saman is hit by an auto before Saba (who once begged God that Saman should go on, in light of the way that she expected to marry her cousin, Irtaza and scorned reality, her sister is getting hitched to him). Irtaza calls the crisis vehicle, and they take her to the mending office, then again.Saman kicks the container in the salvage vehicle. Before failing miserably, she whispers in Saba’s ears that both Irtaza and Maaz are in a matter of seconds hers. Then, as Maaz is a tyke requiring a mother’s warmth, Saba’s grandmother prescribes to her watchmen that she should marry her cousin, Irtaza. Saba doesn’t agree, and says yes to wedding someone else. Upon the arrival of her wedding Irtaza finds that Saba’s family is oblivious that the man she’s wedding is starting now hitched and has a kid. Irtaza gets amazingly angry and faces Saba, who cries and tells him that it’s past the point where it is conceivable to stop the wedding now since they are truly at the wedding. In any case, Irtaza drags her to their family and tells them reality. Their family is shocked and they pick Saba should not marry that kindred. By then, to the wonder of everyone present, Irtaza reports that he will marry his cousin, Saba. Saba has a troublesome time enduring her marriage, however after an electrifying unexpected improvement finally request Irtaza, who broadcasts his reverence for her. The movie closes with Irtaza and Saba finally together, ultimately sprightly.

Bin Roye 2015 HD Movie Free Download

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