Four Pillars Of Basement (2015) Full Movie Download

Four Pillars Of Basement (2015) Full

Four Pillars Of Basement (2015) Story:

Four Pillars of Basement is a psycho thriller that shows human fragilities and impulsive nature. Hero Samir is a scheming individual and functions as a security officer at the shopping center. He really likes Priya, working in one of the workplaces in the shopping center. His twin sibling, a maniac and a distraught individual steals away to the mental healing center to add more perplexity to the plot.
The film develops significantly as the courageous woman is caught in the storm cellar and can’t get out. Whosoever comes to offer her, some assistance with meeting with a disastrous demise. In the peak, will the saint of the film as the twin insane person considered capable? Will the security officer be rebuffed?


Four Pillars Of Basement (2015) Full Movie Download 


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