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Pixie Hollow Games is a half-hour TV excellent broadcast on November 19, 2011, considering the Disney Fairies foundation, made by DisneyToon Studios. Rosetta is made up for lost time with setting up sprouts for the tremendous night, when she meets another greenery walled in area pixie named Chloe, who drops a lump of earth before her,
unintentionally getting her unsanitary and, because she’s suddenly astounded of soil, making her mass out until Silvermist douses her with a water globule. Chloe announces she has been get ready for the Pixie Hollow Games and is willing to be battling. Regardless of the way that the greenery fenced in area imps have minimal any desire of winning and haven’t ever won, Chloe is certain that she and her associate can turn things around and end the losing streak. When it comes time for the gathering determination, Chloe has starting now volunteered and Rosetta is been her accessory.

The night of the amusements, Rosetta wears a luxurious, formal, light red outfit, beyond any doubt that she and Chloe will be wiped out after one round. The whirlwind imps, Rumble and Glimmer, are the generous top decisions to win the resistance. They have won the latest four years in progression, winning four victors’ rings each and expecting to get a last ring. The essential event is bouncing. Like chariot dashing, the gatherings ride on frogs, yoked together by an outfit. By then the contenders hop more than one another to the finish line. Rosetta decreases to get onto the frog, however finally does when the spectators yell in contradiction, provoking complete turmoil on the course.

Movie Details

      • Movie Name    :     Pixie Hollow Games (2011)
      • Movie Size       :     749 MB
      • Movie Quality   :    720p HD
      • Movie Type      :     Animation, Short, Family

 Pixie Hollow Games HD Movie Free Download


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