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Submerged (2015)

Submerged (2015) Movie Story:
A young lady and her companions, who’ve been focused by ruffians, must do all that they can to get by after their limo is constrained off the street and dove into a waterway.
I concur with the viewer Radomir, this film is SIMPLY AWFUL no piece of information what alternate viewers was watching saying “it is a decent thriller”, his mind must be wired wrong or he works for the general population behind this artistic poop; it truly has a place with the garbage can, an affront without an inch of judgment skills. Everything Radomir said is genuine, the acting is terrible, the story needs and the activity are of the most idiotic i ever seen. I feel frustrated about Tim Daly and Mario Van Peebles who i esteem better than such business garbage,and i viewed this motion picture for, however as normal the alluring individuals rather than gifted get in the front. The main great performing artist playing the fundamental lead sibling is Cody Christian who is at present chipping away at Teen Wolf and Pretty Little Liars, and he was slaughtered off!SHOCKER!Im not going to continue all the motion picture but rather in a word just the parts and characters that truly drove me up the wall. Presently i gotta say that performing artist from Chicago PD Samuel C Hung who plays Brandon in this motion picture was he most noticeably bad dissatisfaction, he just can’t play the insane, his acting was ll over the guide, tried too hard, i just wanna shout” do a reversal to Intelligence sit behind the PC and keep your mouth close” ABSOLUTELY DREADFUL! The most noticeably awful part was to watch the passing of 5 individuals just to spare the rich ruined young lady, in the wake of watching the main actor,throughout the film simply sitting in the driving seat of a limo with an injury in his leg staring off into space and glance around doing for all intents and purposes nothing,he all of a sudden gets imaginative to spare the rich rascal, he could have done that before sparing everybody or if nothing else attempt! All i needed to do is to tear both characters separated!






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